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30 January 2007

Prescribed burning to mitigate CO2 emissions?

Prescribed burning can be used to prevent forest fires but it also has potential to reduce CO2 emissions from these fires. It can therefore be a “mitigation technique” within the framework of the Kyoto Protocol but will only make a significant contribution in those countries where forest fires are common.
The European Forest Institute recently made […]

20 January 2007

15 January 2007

INTERREG accomplished at the IEFC

The international conference closing the FORSEE project that took place in Porto was a success. Gathering more than 70 participants from about 10 different countries, it was in a very convivial environment that the FORSEE partners shared their experiences about the indicators for sustainable management. Several works were presented during this conference, the abstracts and […]

IEFC General assembly 2007 with EFI SAB

The IEFC annual general meeting was organised in partnership with the University of Valladolid, and took place in Palencia, Thursday, March the 15th 2007.
It was chaired by the IEFC Chairman Inazio Martinez.
There were 21 delegates attending the assembly, representing 15 IEFC members. 1 associated member was present.
The meeting started by a talk from Inazio Martinez […]

12 January 2007


Happy new year 2007 !!!!!!!!
The IEFC team wishes you a very successful year with just the climatic changes that are needed for 2007!
Being an intermediate year for the IEFC we hope to find on the network the energy and enthusiasm that have been since the beginning, to finish the works in progress, to start new […]

9 January 2007

Public consultation on the “Biomass Action Plan”

The European Commission launched a public consultation concerning biofuels in the new legislation on the promotion of renewable energy. One of the concerns is how to obtain a 10% share of biofuels and to assure the environmental viability. This consultation follows the new energy policy for Europe, which has been recently adopted, proposing […]

5 January 2007

A study from the University of Coimbra has shown that the application of cork on the automotive industry can triple de passengers’ security.

Two researchers from the Mechanic Engineer Department from the Faculty of Sciences of the Technologic University of Coimbra (FCTUC) are studying the application of cork from the cork oak in the automotive industry in order to improve the passengers’ protection in case of accident. This work, developed by José Maria Cirne and its Phd student […]

4 January 2007

1 January 2007