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18 July 2009

17 July 2009

Beginning of RoK-FOR project on February 1st 2010

RoK-FOR is a Coordination and Support Action of FP7-REGIONS-2009-1 in the area « Transnational cooperation between regional research- driven clusters ». RoK-FOR is the acronym of the project titled « Sustainable forest management providing renewable energy, sustainable construction and bio-based products ».
This project begins the 1st of February 2010 for 3 years. The Finnish partner is the coordinator and […]

Destructive storms in European forests : past and forthcoming impacts

STORM is the acronyme of a European Tender FP7-ENV.B1/ETU/2009 titled « Destructive storms in European forests : past and forthcoming impacts ». This assessment began on October the 22nd 2009 for 9 months with a budget of 149 721 €. The consortium is made up of the lead EFIAtlantic with the support of headquarters and EFICENT (Finland, France, […]

15 July 2009

REINFFORCE project : The tree species for arboretum network have been selected

REINFFORCE Project is a co funded project by the European FEDER INTERREG IV for the Atlantic Space and concerning the Regional Goverments of Norte, Centro and Alentejo in Portugal; Galicia, Cantabria, País Vasco, Navarra y Castilla y León in Spain; Haute-Normandie, Basse-Normandie, Pays de la Loire, Bretagne, Poitou-Charentes and Aquitaine in France and England, Wales […]

10 July 2009

9 July 2009

2 July 2009


This is the first assessment prepared by the Global Forest Expert Panel on Adaptation of Forest to Climate Change. This document deals with:

Interrelations among forest ecosystems,the services they provide and climate changeThe past and future impacts of climat

It contains 8 chapters with the following thematic:1.Forest ecosystems services.2.Forest responses and vulnerabilities to recent climate change.3.Future environmental […]