EFI : European Forest Institute
The network for sustainable forest management of forests.

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Activities and projects

Events organized by the IEFC

Launching event "Arboretum & Demonstration Site Catalogue"
May 2013: 3rd International Congress on Planted Forests
January 2013: Strategies on Forest Fire Prevention in the Southern European Forests
May 2012: International Conference Tackling climate change: The contribution of forest scientific knowledge, Tours, France.
March 2012 : COST FP603 on models final meeting
November 2011: Colloque Innovation for promoting the Aquitaine forest: urgent issues and perspectives, Bordeaux (France)
October 2011 : Annual meeting of the French-speaking forest entomologist group (GEFF)
Summer-Fall 2011 : organisation of six EVOLTREE schools
May 2011: Managed Forests in Future Landscapes - Implications for water and carbon cycles
May 2011: Global Change and Forest Diseases: New threats, new stratergies
January 2011 : Nematode day, pontevedra, spain
ROKFOR confernce on research needs
March 2009 : Launching of EFI Atlantic regional Office and presentation of REINFFORCE project dealing with research infrastructure for climate change adaptation of forests
2008 : Demonstration of DEFOR innovations
2007 : Regional seminars on indicators assessed in the frame of FORSEE
December 2006 : International Conference about the indicators for sustainable forest management
October 2006 : International Congress on Cultivated Forests with a scientific forum on Ecosystem goods and services
April 2005 : IUFRO - Biodiversity and Conservation Biology in plantation forests
September 2004: IUFRO Symposium- Forest Soils under local and global changes: from research to practice.
Year 2003 : Seminars on research need of forest-wood-paper chain
January 2002: Forum for the professionals of forests fire prevention: strategies of fire prevention.
September 2001: organization of the 8th annual conference of the EFI (European Forest Institute) in Bordeaux.
Workshop Tools and methodologies for fire danger mapping, 2001 March 9-14th
Workshop "Models for sustainable forest management", Bordeaux September 2000
Round table FOREXPO 2000: Sustainable forest management and climatic risk


FORRISK : integrated forest risk management, from the stand to the region
INTEGRAL: Future-oriented integrated management of European forest landscapes
ROKFOR : region of Knowledge for lead market associated to forest (WP2 leader)
STORM : most damaging storm damages - Which european policy?
State of the Art on the Monitoring of the Pine Wood Nematode (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus) and its Insect Vector (Monochamus) galloprovincialis in Europe
REsource INFrastructures for monitoring, adapting and protecting European Atlantic FORests under Changing climatE
Forest Development (DEFOR project): La recherche au service du développement durable et de la compétitivité du secteur forestier Sud-ouest européen
FFS : Formation forêt et société - un échange académique entre sociologues et forestiers
REPESCO : Mise au point d'une méthode de prévention des attaques de scolytes sur grumes de pin maritime à l'aide de composés répulsifs d'origine naturelle
FORSEE : Implementation of a workshop network for the evaluation of the feasibility, the relevance and the cost of the indicators for the sustainable management, carried out by the IEFC
PPM : Monograph about Pinus Pinaster
INDISFAE : Forest Sociology indicator Aquitaine-Euskadi
IMACFORD : Measures for following the preparation of 6 PCRD. Carried out by EFI.
The Gascon forest owner face to risk (study financed by the GIP ECOFOR)

GERENS (Managing together our territory): discussion about sustainable management : carried out by the IEFC
MPRSA : Pyrenean working community: implementation of an expertise network about the indicators for the sustainable forest management
EUROSILVASUR : 3 years project, 2000-2002, interregional cooperation, carried out by: USSE, CR Aquitaine.

Common databases management

Implementation of standards schemes for forest data exchange and storage : forest XML
Data base about forest research centers in Western South of Europe
Microsatellites of the Maritime pine
Models for forest
Forest pest and deseases

Services for the IEFC members

Purchase of joint material
Management of the joint database
Support to the setting up of international projects
Coordination of joint publications
Support to the organisation of Symposiums