EFI : European Forest Institute
The network for sustainable forest management of forests.

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The IEFC network

A research network in contact with the professionnal sector

The IEFC is an association which gathers research organisations, Universities, technology transfer organisations and professional organisations that wish to be involved in scientific cooperation and in the transfer about the cultivated forest. This network came out from an initiative South Europe Foresters Union and its members are institutions from the Atlantic Arc. Since 2009, IEFC is now supporting EFIATLANTIC regional office of EFI with the following organisations:

The IEFC members list


On the 1st November 2004 were officially members:

  1. Institut Technique FCBA
  2. Escola Superior Agraria de Coimbra (ESAC)
  3. Negociada de Experimentacion y Sanidad Forestal, Pamplona
  4. Gestión Ambiental de Navarra, S.A
  5. Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Bordeaux (INRA)
  6. Ecole Nationale des Ingénieurs des Techniques Agricoles de Bordeaux (ENITAB)
  7. Universidade Catolica Portuguesa de Porto (UCP)
  8. Nekazal Ikerketa Teknologia, Vitoria (IKT)
  9. Grupo Empresarial ENCE SA (ENCE)
  10. Instituto Vasco de Investigacion y Desarrollo Agrario (NEIKER)
  11. Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Galicia (USC)
  12. Empresa de Transformacion Agraria (TRAGSA)
  13. Centro de Investigaciones Forestales y Ambientales de Lourizan (CIF)
  14. Centro de Estudos Florestais, Lisboa (ISA)
  15. Union des Sylviculteurs du Sud de l'Europe (USSE)
  16. Centre Régional de la Propriété Forestière d'Aquitaine (CRPF)
  17. Sociedade Silvicola do Caima, SA (SILVICAIMA)
  18. Fundacion general de la universidad de Valadolid
  19. Associação da Industria Papeleira (CELPA)
  20. Waterford Institute of Technology
  21. The GB Forestry Commission Research Agency
  23. Alliance - Coopérative Forestière
  24. CETEMAS (Centro Tecnologico Forestal y de la Madera)

Membres associés

  1. Instituto Forestal de Chile
  3. Western Forestry Co-operative Society Ltd
  4. University of Kwazulu-Natal
  5. Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment
  7. CRPF Poitou-Charentes
  8. Poplar and Fast Growing Forest Trees Research Institute (KAE)
  9. UNBC Growth and Yield

Organised in 6 thematic groups

Group Models for sustainable management´: Data base with the inventory of forest models
(Database : Models for forest) updated by the group "models" of the iEFC in association with the group CAPSIS France
Workshop Bordeaux 7-9 September 2000 - Workshop Lisbon 5-7 June 2002
To write this group : model

Grupo "socioeco": Creating a model of typology for the forest property, study of the associationism in forests, implementation of an EUROBAROMETRE for evaluating the expectations of society faced to forest
To write this group : socioeco

Group Genetics data base about the programmes for the improvement and the devices of the IEFC area
If you are responsible for research works in genetics, we invite you to download our inquiry that allows you to elaborate the inventory of works and devices for studies in South Europe (just click the pine cone). A on-line form will be soon available

To write this group : genetica

Group "forest health": Phytosanitary guide of main pathologies in forests of Western South Europe
To write this group : foresthealth
Consultation du Forum

Group "soils and water":Setting up a project for the evaluation of sustainable management of forests soils.
To write this group : sol

Groupe "Carbone et Ressource": Regroupe les personnes ayant travaillé sur le critère 1 de FORSEE.
To write this group : Carbon and forest ressources

Groupe "Biodiv": Regroupe les personnes ayant travaillé sur le critère 4 de FORSEE.
Ecrire au groupe : Biodiv

Groupe "Sylviculture et produits forestiers": nouveau groupe!
Ecrire au groupe : Sylvic

To Join a group, you can update your profile in thescientific directory or contact secretariat