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IEFC - Lettre - Article n° 2

Lettre IEFC

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Posted byC. Orazio [2006-02-21 00:00:00]

Forest surfaces and volumes by specie in Europe

Within the framework of the integrated project EFORWOOD, it is necessary to evaluate the importance of each forest species that we can find in Europe, in order to identify those that are considered as a priority in the models used for the project. This was, thus, the occasion to compile information from several sources, which was gathered by ALTERRA, corresponding to the forest surfaces of species by country. This activity is always delicate given the fact that it is impossible to find synchronous data, and the definition of a stand can change from one country to another. However, as an indication, it seems interesting to publish the table bellow (excluding Chypre and Malte). We thus see that the pines with 41 millions hectares and 5 bilions of cubic metres represent the dominating genus in Europe, with more than 30% of the anual growth, ahead of the spruce. Afterwards comes the oak, followed-up by far by the beech, birch, alder, chestnut and eucalyptus. When we focus on the productivity the order is inverted, with a leading group between 12 and 15 cubic metres by hectare and by year, regrouping: eucalyptus, maple, pseudotsuga, spruce and chestnut... The good production resulting from the mixture of fir tree and spruce must also be taken into account. These results must be used with great precaution due to the number of mixed stands that cannot be taken into account in the calculations and that are grouped under the dominations of broadleaves, coniferous and matorral. Anyway, given the importance of their variations they are probably significative!!!

tableau des superficies et de volumes par espèce forestière