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IEFC - Lettre - Article n° 22

Lettre IEFC

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Posted byChristophe Orazio [2006-12-22 00:00:00]

EFI news

Since the EFI changed from a Finish NGO into a governmental organisation 12 countries have already rectified its convention, thus becoming official members and making part of its council. These states are Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. Others have already signed the membership pact, but its parliament has not ratified the text yet. It is for example the case of France and Portugal. Only Finland and Spain give a financial contribution to the EFI structure. All the research and development organisations that initially formed the EFI have become associated members that continue to meet on the annual conference during September.

The IEFC, regional centre of the EFI since 2002, participates actively in the regional centres network, since the setting up of the IMACFORD suggested by IEFC, and the setting up of transnational projects with MEDFOREX.

The new status of the EFI fits with even more legitimacy in the governmental processes. Being, thus, the speaker for the forest scientific community in the MCPFE (European Inter-ministerial conference for the forest protection), the forest technological platform (Institution for sectorial discussion and of lobby in the European community, this instance plays a major role on the organisation of the calls for tenders of the 7th PCRDT), the FAO, …