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IEFC - Lettre - Article n° 23

Lettre IEFC

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Posted byC. Orazio [2006-12-22 00:00:00]

Non exhaustive assessment of the 6th PCRD

This article is not to focus on all the forest projects that were done during the 6th framework, but to give our members an overview of some projects that we were informed of.

The aim of the integrated project EFORWOOD is to develop a simulator, for the policy makers, working at a regional and European scale. This tool shall supply to the policy makers an overview of the impact of their decisions on the entire European forest wood paper chain. With this ambitious project the policy makers shall be able to model over several years de economic, environmental and social consequences of the decisions taken. Based on determinist models, it will also place the decisions at a regional scale taking into account the main European forest species existing on the area.

The EVOLTREE (2006-2009) is a network which regroups 25 partners from 15 countries. The objective of this project is to associate four main subjects – ecology, evolution, genomic and genetic – in order to predict the reactions of the species and communities when faced with environmental changes. Besides structuring the European research, this network intends to present some concrete proposals in what concerns the genetic conservation policy and the technical applications for managers.

The integrated project FIREPARADOX (2006-2009) : The objective of this project is to fight against several paradoxes regarding fire prevention. The first of these paradoxes to be taken into account is the fact that an isolated but efficient fight leads to the accumulation of fuel, leading to more violent and destructive if there are disadvantageous conditions. The aim of this project is to make concrete proposals in order to reduce the economic, social and ecological impact of the great forest fires. It is a research, development and training programme open to a large public (professionals, politicians, academics,…). It comprehends everything that concerns this fight: controlled fires, growing fires, fires propagation, backfires,…

The objective of Treebreedex (2006-2009) is to create an European Centre for genetic improvement of forest trees, in order to organise and stimulate the R&D activities and reinforce the changes with the forest sector. This project lays on an important inventory of devices and methods to improve the European forest species.

The integrated project CARBO-EUROPE (2004-2008)regroups all teams working on carbon stocks estimation of the world’s ecosystems. Its main objectives are:

  • doing an European carbon estimation trough several time and spatial scales
  • understand the regulation process when affected by the climatic changes and human actions
  • develop a monitoring system of carbon emissions and stock changes related with the Kyoto protocol
Several forest research teams work with other teams to study the non forest ecosystems.

TheERA-NET Wood Wisdom

The aim of the WoodWisdom-Net project is to develop collaboration between the European forestry sector and forest-based industry, the wood material research community and funding organizations by integrating research resources in different countries. Promoting the development of innovative forest-based products, processes and services, the collaboration will benefit Europe's citizens and strengthen the competitiveness of Europe's forest sector and forest-based industry.
The first call in the WoodWisdom-Net programme has opened. Altogether 15 funding organisations in seven European countries (Finland, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France and United Kingdom) launch a call for proposals focusing in two areas: "Wood production and properties" and "New wood-based products, efficient processes and sustainable forestry". Proposals (first step) are welcome from the 1st of November 2006 to the 31st of January, 2007.