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Posted byC. Orazio [2006-12-22 00:00:00]

Overall view of the INTERREG projects on forests

The FORSEE project (2004 -2007) : Sustainable forest management, a network of pilot zones for operational implementation

The objective of this project, leaded by the IEFC, is to test on all the pilot zones with several thousand hectares, the indicators for sustainable management in order to test its feasibility, relevance and cost. This 3 years project studied all the aspects of the sustainable management: production of goods and services, carbon, biodiversity, environment protection, supplied some new explanations about the existing monitoring tools, and dressed methodological proposals for an efficient control of the sustainable forest management at a small regional scale.

The FORESPYR project (2003-2006) : Pyreneans forests

Leaded by the GEIE FORESPIR is formed by a great number of diverse actions which are specific to the needs of the Pyrenees forests. These actions are regrouped on 4 main subjects:

  • political actions: which management to be used or the Pyrenees forests, changes between the stakeholders and forest organisation, conferences,…
  • technical actions: improvement of the forestry techniques, development of the local wood, monitoring of the eco-certification on both sides, support for the young entrepreneur, development of the non wood products,
  • environmental actions: improvement of the Tetrao urogallus habitat, study of the different peak species, conservation and improvement of biodiversity, evaluation of the indicators for sustainable management, promotion of a network for large forest sites

The ENERSILVA project (2005-2007)

The objective of the ENERSILVA project is to assure the sustainable development of South West European forests by using biomass with energetic ends. The partners of this project intend to promote the capitalisation of forests by doing a more integrated management of the resources and by developing the products that are considered as residual. Thus, several actions will be implemented in order to involve the forest owners on the biomass exploitation. Organisational structures will be used to guarantee a permanent supply of biomass.

The FORETMED project (2001-2005) : Organisation of networks and cooperation actions for the Mediterranean forests

The organisation of networks and the cooperation actions for the Mediterranean forest have as objective to help the union and communication between the private forest owners and the forest services in the Mediterranean regions of the South West of Europe, and thus help the implementation of new participative policies for the rural development and the sustainable forest management.

FORETMED is a interregional cooperation project between the territorial stakeholders involved in the sustainable management of the private Mediterranean forest. The objectives of the project are the development of innovating actions for the improvement of the private forests. And also the technical cooperation and exchanges of experiences about the pilot zones network organised by the partners of the project.

The ATLANWOOD project (2005-2006)

Inventories of the uses and transformations of the Maritime pine wood. The report of the project done in 4 languages supplies an overall view of all the cuttings, transformations and treatments that are currently used for the Maritime pine (treatments, clearings,…). The translations of the wood classification criterions are also supplied.

The CASTANEAREG project (2004-2006)

This project regroups teams of genetic from Aquitaine, Galicia and Portugal, in order to do a concrete study of the genetic biodiversity of the Chestnut of these regions. Orchards were done at the same to identify the most resisting sources to the ink disease which affects the three countries.

The BIORREG-FLOREST project (2003-2005)

Evaluation of the renewable resources potentials: Atlas of the forest residues and the biomass applications in the Atlantic Area