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Posted byC.Orazio [2006-03-22 00:00:00]

Dr. Antoine Kremer has been awarded the 2006 Marcus Wallenberg prize

Dr. Antoine Kremer has been awarded the 2006 Marcus Wallenberg prize for his pioneering discovery of the evolution, organization and distribution of the genetic diversity of Pan-European oaks.
His breakthrough is in the combination of information from a number of different sciences at their current state-of-the-art level (from molecular genetics to evolutionary history of forests) to develop new knowledge about oaks at a continental scale. This knowledge will provide a major platform to facilitate decisions about the conservation and management of forests. It also allows prediction of likely future changes under the impact of climate and environmental changes.
Dr. Kremer's individual researches and synthesis may be applicable to other species throughout the world including industrial indigenous conifers such as those in northern Russia. The techniques will also have relevance to the introduction, management, improvement and use of exotic species elsewhere.
Dr. Kremer has worked for over twenty years with the French national research organization INRA (L'Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique). He is also closely connected with EFI as a current a member of EFI's Scientific Advisory Board.
The prize will be presented by on 28 September 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. The ceremony will be followed by a symposium, on 29 September, around the subject of the Prize-winner and its impact on the forest products industries.
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