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Indicator 1.4.1 Carbon Stock in the Woody Biomass


Total Cost €35676

Marginal Cost €31176

Shared Cost €4500

Cost/ha €1.01

These costs include:






The total post 1990 woody biomass carbon stock in the pilot zone was found to be 0.30 Mt C. The carbon stock in the woody biomass varied significantly between NFI plots, largely due to the diverse age structure of the forest in the pilot zone. The carbon stock reported here was developed through the use of NFI data and regionally specific biomass functions developed from field work in the pilot zone. A comparison between calculating C stocks using biomass functions or stand volume and biomass expansion factors (BEF) found that applying stand volume and biomass expansion factors lead to a significantly lower (25%) woody biomass carbon stock estimate for the region. This is due largely to applying a BEF to small trees, which generally have a higher biomass allocation to branches and foliage compared to stem. Trees above merchantable timber volume invest more biomass in the stem than branches and foliage.

Problems and improvements

National equations are available for Picea sitchensis and Pinus contorta, however there is a reliance on equations from the literature for the remaining species. While these make up a small proportion of the total (>15%), the values could be improved by additional research to develop national equations for species such as Larix and Betula.

Remarks and conclusions

The use of biomass functions is a more accurate approach for young trees, especially in this case where biomass functions specific to the region were developed.

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