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FORSEE : Indicateur évalué

Indicator 1.4.3 Carbon Stock in the Deadwood


Total €4544

Marginal €44

Shared €4500

Cost/ha €0.13

These costs include:

Data processing
Purchase maps
Computer software


Data available from the NFI plots in the pilot zone indicated the absence of deadwood within post 1990 stands. This carbon pool was subsequently reported as zero in C stock estimates.


This carbon pool increases with stand age and forest management practices such as thinning. Therefore this carbon pool is likely to be more prominent in the future. The NFI protocol records the presence of branches, stumps and dead logs in plots. Where stumps or logs are found, the quantity is noted and physical features such as diameter, height (length) and decay status recorded. These features would enable carbon stock to be determined when used in combination with density values, which correspond to the decay class noted.

Problems and improvements

Remarks and conclusions

This carbon pool made no contribution to the overall carbon stock in the pilot zone.

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