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Indicator 1.4.5 Carbon Stock in the Understorey


Total €13916

Marginal €9416

Shared €4500

Total cost/ha € 0.40

These costs include:




Table 1.4.5a: Understorey Carbon in Post 1990 Forests



Figure 1.4.5a: Understorey biomass relation with tree height


Understorey biomass contributed significantly to the overall carbon stock calculated when the soil pool is excluded. On average contributing 29% to the combined woody biomass, litter and understorey components. This was expected due to the young age of the plantations. The understorey, which generally consists of peatland vegetation (i.e. heather, grasses, moss) or agricultural grasslands is not removed prior to planting and experiences disturbance associated with the installation of drains. The vegetation can recover well in the few years following establishment, until the stand starts to reach canopy closure when trees start to dominate, which was shown in the understorey biomass function developed.

Problems and improvements

There is significant variation in understorey stock estimates in stands with small trees. More research into these stands looking at other factors such as drainage and peat depth might increase the confidence in the results.

Remarks and conclusions

The understorey biomass was significant in the pilot zone and in 40% of the cases was greater than that estimated in the woody biomass.

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