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FORSEE : Indicateur évalué

Indicator 3.2: Roundwood Harvested


Total Cost€450

Total Cost/ha€0.01

These cost include:

Data Analysis
Data processing
Computer & software


Table 3.2: Volume (m3) of timber harvested in the Coillte Teo North Mayo forest management unit 2003-2005.


Figure 3.2a: Map showing Coillte Teo North Mayo Forest Management Unit.



There is no data available for roundwood harvested in the private sector in the pilot zone. The Forest Service regulate the control of felling nationally by a process of issuing felling licenses, however this does not provide any figures for roundwood harvested. In the absence of data for roundwood harvested in the private sector, discussions with the Forest Service inspector for the pilot zone area concluded that there was no roundwood harvested during 2006 (Kavanagh, 2006). In the survey completed on the forest owners of the FORSEE plots there was no roundwood harvested in any of their forests. The only income generated from timber sales was for firewood production and this amounted to €900 (2 owners) in total for 2005.

The only information available on roundwood harvested in the pilot zone is from the state forestry Coillte Teo. In their North Mayo FMU (forest management unit) it can be seen that there were no 1st thinnings in the period 2003-2005. Lodgepole pine accounts for 70% of the species area in the FMU, reflecting the poor productive capacity of the peat soils and often why it is not economical to thin. The North Mayo FMU is a sensitive natural environment, particularly in relation to fisheries, water quality and the landscape and therefore Coillte manages the majority of area and the pine crops for pulpwood production which can be seen in Table 3.2 where for the years 2003, 2004 and 2005, 79%, 99% and 96% respectively of the total volume was harvested as pre-mature clearfells.

Problems and Improvements

The main problem had been accessing data on roundwood harvested by the private sector in Ireland. This data is not available. However a report published on the forecast of roundwood production from the forests of Ireland 2001-2015 (Gallagher and O’Carroll, 2001) does provide some information for the private sector but has limitations in that it is a desk study forecast.

Remarks and Conclusions

With the amount of land planted by the private sector over the last 25 years this identifies a gap in information in the forestry sector.

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