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FORSEE : Indicateur évalué

Indicator 3.3: Non Wood Products


Total Cost €508

Shared Cost €308

Marginal Cost €200

Total Cost/ha €0.01

These cost include:

Data Analysis
Data processing
Travel to the plots
Time travelling to the plots
Time finding forest owners
Prepare sampling plan
Organise data collection


Table 3.3: Results from the FORSEE survey of woodland owners on non wood forest revenue.


(n = 35)


Only one of the FORSEE study sites surveyed had received revenue from non wood products. This was an annual woodcock shoot over two days. This forest is old estate woodland with a diverse range of mixed broadleaves and conifers. All the other forest sites were less than 20 years old and as yet the non wood products sector is not providing any additional income to private woodland owners. It could be that its potential has not yet been explored sufficiently.

Problems and Improvements

The lack of regional and national information on non wood forest products posed a problem in the quantification of this indicator. Overall there is currently a lack of information available to the private sector explaining the potential benefits of non wood products from their forests.

Remarks and Conclusions

The forest estate in Ireland is young and has a lack of forest culture/tradition in comparison to our European counterparts. However, according to a research project commissioned by COFORD into markets for non wood forest products it was concluded that tourism and forest foliage would be the most competitive non wood products under Irish forest conditions (Collier et al., 2004). These income avenues are currently not been realised to their full potential.

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