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FORSEE : Indicateur évalué

Indicator 3.6 & 3.7: Accessibility and Harvestibility


Total Cost €5002

Shared Cost €4500

Marginal Cost €502

Total Cost/ha €0.14

These cost include:

Data Analysis
Data processing
Purchase maps
Computer & software



Source: Ordnance Survey Ireland

Table 3.6: Roading Density



Traditionally forestry in Ireland was confined to poor agricultural land in mountainous areas, often inaccessible by road. This is notable in the roads map above where it can be seen that a large proportion of the forest blocks occur in the centre of the pilot zone where in certain areas it can be seen that there is a complete absence of regional and third class roads. The regional and third class roads that do exist are not inter-connected in this part of the pilot zone, which will increase the length of the haulage routes to main urban areas. This is further outlined in Table 3.6 where 53% of the forest area has roading density of 0m/ha.

Problems and Improvements

This will pose problems with harvestability and transportation that is yet to be resolved. To access the harvestability of the forests of the pilot zone this was not feasible due to an absence of slope’s data.

Remarks and Conclusions

Results from this indictor highlighted the inaccessibility of the majority of forests in the pilot zone and the subsequent increase in haulage lengths.

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