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FORSEE : Indicateur évalué

Indicator 1.4.5: Carbon stock in the under storey
Forest area covered (1995):
4956,1 ha

Percentage of the total forest
area in Sousa Valley: 14,3 %

No of plots: 35


TOTAL COST: 1707,3 €

Costs/ha: 0,34 €

Costs/plot: 48,8 €

The total cost includes:

1- Data collection

959 €

2- Data analysis

748,3 €


Dry matter and carbon content for shrubs component


Sources : UTAD estimates


Dry matter was not quantified directly in all the 35 FORSEE devices. In some cases dry matter could be estimated indirectly from the covering percentage. Calculations were done using the provisional model specifically developed by T. Fonseca for this study:


Problems and improvements

The evaluation of this indicator is difficult because it requires some caution during data collection and data laboratorial treatment.

The evaluation of this indicator may require more people in the field team than usual.

In order to monitor easily the assessment of this indicator, it might be useful the development of predictive models which can be used to calculate indirectly the weight from the cover.

Comments and conclusions

Evaluation of this criterion is not common when doing forest inventory and might increase considerably the amount of data collected and data analysis. It is suggested to undertake indirect evaluation procedures.

The recommendations of the researchers in fuel inventory can be of great interest to help the establishment of the best procedure to sample this component.

Carbon stock is one of the indicators of Criterion 1 considered by NP 4406 2003. NP 4406 2003 considers that one of the main functions in the forest ecosystems is the capacity of being a carbon sink. The increase of volume of the forest stands has positive consequences in the behaviour of this indicator though the effectiveness of this function is strongly limited by the use given to the products extracted from the forest.

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