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Site code AR13

Location Sarlande

Region Aquitaine

Country France

Local name Arboretum de la Bonne Foussie

Partner INRA


Site characteristics

Orientation: S, Slope:0.0°, Soil :CAMBISOLS, Bedrock :

PH :4.7,4.4



Short History of the site

The arboretum is located on private land which was formerly dedicated to sunflower cultivation. This site was chosen because it met all the criteria: little slope, easy access ... The plot was fenced off to avoid damages caused by wild animals. The owner is a forest enthusiast and organises every year a forest event on his property. He is promoting the project in local press and is actively managing about 200ha of forest, making also his own experiments.

copyrigth IEFC network

List of species in the arboretum

No Data!

Generalities of the site