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Site code DS34

Location Avoise

Region Pays de la Loire

Country France

Local name Bois de Pêcheseul

Partner IDF-CNPF


Site characteristics

Orientation: FLAT, Slope:4.0°, Soil :CAMBISOLS, Bedrock : river terrace sand or gravel

PH :5.0,


river at 1500m

Short History of the site

copyrigth IEFC network

The global objective is to develop a new silviculture to slow down the impacts of climatic changes and to maintain the high quality wood production of Douglas-fir. The objective of this demonstration site on Douglas fir is to evaluate effect of sylviculture (thinning) on potential water stress.The Douglas-fir stand is 15 years old, and it's localised in a sensibility climatic area for Douglas-fir in France. Initial density is 1142 trees/ha.This demonstration site has 3 experimental plots : *Control, with no thinning *low thinning in 2012 (sampling rate of 35%) *high thinning in 2012 (sampling rate of 55%)

Generalities of the site