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Posts “Bioeconomy, Forests and Territories” Chair

“Bioeconomy, Forests and Territories” Chair

“Bioeconomy, Forests and Territories” Chair

Supported by Alliance Forêts Bois, APESA, Biolandes, DRT, Bordeaux Euratlantique, Groupama Forêts Assurances and the Jacques and Françoise Lescouzères Foundation, the BioForTer Chair aims to offer concrete solutions to the forest-based sector by developing an inclusive and responsible forest bioeconomy.

The forest-wood sector in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France), leader of the forest economy, has to cope with climate change, the strong growth in demand for forest biomass and construction wood, and the compartmentalization of sectors of activity which limits inter-sectoral collaboration.

Led by Stéphane Esparon, a researcher at Bordeaux Sciences Agro, the Chair aims to create the dynamics necessary for transition towards sustainable bioeconomy for forest production systems, and stakeholders in the sector and their territories.

The first steering committee met on 17th February 2020.

Authors: Arnaud Sergent (INRAE), Armand Clopeau (IEFC)