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18 July 2022

How to select species in forest plantation to cope with future Climate Proofing?

Most of the foresters are now convinced that climate is changing and has an impact on the growth and survival of his future forest. In this context, species choice is a crucial decision, and the understanding of futures climate/soil interaction impact on a given species is extremely complex. So many tools and projects are under […]

IPCC Report on Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently published a report on the impacts, adaptation and vulnerability of society and ecosystems to the changing climate. It represents the contribution of Working Group II to the Sixth Assessment Report. The full report, the “Summary for Policymakers” and the “Technical Report” can be found at and […]

23 June 2022

Barry Gardiner (IEFC) – Future of European forest, trend in forest damages at EU level


18 March 2022

Susana Carneiro – Will we run out of seeds?


14 December 2021

Research on maritime pine resilience and bioeconomy: Contribution of the European project B4EST

The B4EST consortium, in collaboration is organizing a symposium on latest studies on maritime pine resilience and bioeconomy. Register now !

27 May 2021

Optimisation of Carbon Functional Traits

CARTON (“optimisation of carbon traits”) is a collaborative project coordinated by INRAE (ANR project, 2020-2025). This project aims to identify European tree species that offer optimal soil carbon sequestration capacity, rapid tree growth and adaptation to climate change.

20 April 2021

Maximizing forest yield and minimizing climatic risk factors

Sustainable forest management plays a key role in climate mitigation strategies. This is due to the carbon sequestration potential of forests and their provision of raw materials that can substitute materials with higher carbon footprints.

19 March 2021

Understanding the Impact of Climate Change on Forests

Two videos (in French) aimed to promote better understanding of the phenomena responsible for climate change and their impacts on forests.

Diversification of Britain’s forests: initial results from a new generation of species trials.

Forestry in Britain is reliant on a small number of tree species and is facing the challenges of climate change and an increasing number of new pests and diseases; this narrow palette of species increases risk. After a 40-year gap in large scale species trials a new series were established in 2012.

22 December 2020

French recovery plan: 45,000 hectares of forests to be planted and a boosted research effort

On the 3rd of September, the French Prime Minister presented the “France Relance” plan, a roadmap for the economic, social and ecological refoundation of the country. 100 billion euros are dedicated to this recovery plan, including 1.2 billion for the “agricultural transition, food and forestry” section. 200 million will be allocated to forests over the […]