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IEFC Newsletter (Page 2)
11 March 2022

Tree Failure During Strong Winds Measured for the First Time

Figure 1: Tropical cyclone activity in 2018 showing increase activity in the North Atlantic. From (Blunden and Arndt, 2019)

Wind damage to forests is a large and increasing threat in many parts of the world. In particular with the changing climate there is predicted to be an intensification of tropical cyclones with a northward migration to […]

9 March 2022

Pine Wood Nematode : december IUFRO expert groups conclusion

Last December the IUFRO organized the International IUFRO symposium on pine wilt disease (“PWD2020”).

This event was an opportunity to discuss the pine wood nematode and the damage that it causes.

Native to North America, the pine wood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus was accidentally introduced in Asia where it causes severe damage to trees. Damage assumed to be […]

2 March 2022

Let’s Talk About Planted Forests


IEFC first webinar will take place on the18th of March 2022 at 2pm CET


This month, Let’s Talk About Planted Forests will address the subject of seed availability and the impact on plantation. To discuss this subject, the IEFC invited 3 experts:

Matt Parratt – Forest Research

Matt Parratt joined Forest Research […]

6 December 2021

From the birds’ eye perspective to actions on the ground: SUPERB to promote forest restoration and adaptation across Europe

Imagine you were a bird flying over
Europe. You would see cities and villages, rivers, agricultural landscape, and forests
covering almost one-third of Europe. You will distinguish many different types of
trees: dark green or more reddish, straight and tall, wide and crooked or small
and slender, with many different shapes of leaves or needles. While flying over
Europe, you […]

21 September 2021

Valuing Ecosystem Services provided by Complex Forests in Spain, France and Portugal

• The objective is to leverage complex forests as a climate-smart strategy to mitigate climate change and promote biodiversity.
• Provide a classification of the benefits provided by complex forests as well as a decision tree tool to guide local development stakeholders and policy-makers regarding appropriate valuation methods.

13 July 2021

Towards an Intelligent Information Management of Complex Forests in Southwest Europe

Complex forests and mixed plantations, as a resilient alternative, can increase, and in many cases, improve the potential quality of ecosystem services compared to other forest systems.

22 June 2021

Development of bio-based resin products in Europe

The SustForest+ project, in close collaboration with the INCREDIBLE inter-regional innovation network on resin, has made it possible to develop resin tapping and transport processes, calculate the carbon footprint of this product, set up a European origin label, develop traceability and monitor global market trends.

16 June 2021

Exchanges between Resin Tapping Stakeholders in France

The 8th public meeting of the Gemm_Est & ExtraFor_Est projects, related to extractable chemical compounds from trees, was held online on 22 April 2021. This event, which was open to the public, was also an opportunity for a wide range of French stakeholders to discuss the topic of pine resin.

27 May 2021

Optimisation of Carbon Functional Traits

CARTON (“optimisation of carbon traits”) is a collaborative project coordinated by INRAE (ANR project, 2020-2025). This project aims to identify European tree species that offer optimal soil carbon sequestration capacity, rapid tree growth and adaptation to climate change.

25 May 2021

Europe is Entering the Age of the Bioeconomy

An important debate about the forest-based bioeconomy in Europe and its impact on forest harvesting