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19 enero 2018

Welcome to a new member, the New Zealand Institute of Forestry

IEFC network welcomes a new associate member, the New Zealand Institute of Forestry (NZIF). Established in 1927, NZIF gathers New Zealand’s professionals who work in all aspects of forestry, including forest management and utilisation, processing, research, education and consulting. NZIF provides a forum to exchange ideas, opinions and information. As sustainable plantation forestry plays an […]

IEFC celebrates its 20 years in Porto

IEFC network celebrates its 20 year existence in 2018. As part of this celebration, you are most welcome in Porto from 26 to 29 June to participate in a joint event organised by EFI for the launching of its new European Facility for Planted Forests. The event includes the 20th annual general assembly of IEFC […]

25 julio 2008

The European Community signs a Science & Technical cooperation agreement with New Zealand

Today the European Community signed an S&T cooperation agreement with New Zealand bringing the total number of S&T cooperation agreements the EC has signed with third countries to 33. This international agreement which replaces the administrative arrangement concluded between the two Parties in 1991 shall help to better prepare and coordinate the research cooperation.

Investigación pública: ¡Los problemas comunes necesitan soluciones comunes!

La Comisión propone a los Estados miembros abordar conjuntamente los principales retos de la sociedad
El cambio climático, las enfermedades y la energía son retos sociales compartidos por todos los países de la UE. La investigación nacional, que representa actualmente el 85 % de la investigación europea financiada con fondos públicos, será más efectiva si […]

15 julio 2008

EFI grows by four new Regional Offices

EFI Annual Conference made a major decision three weeks ago of establishing four new Regional Offices in different locations across Europe.
The Conference cast a vote on the issue after considering the process of establishment and hearing the recommendation by the EFI Board. The approved proposals are:

EFIATLANTIC in Bordeaux, France which concentrates on issues of west-European […]