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Cartas IEFC

French recovery plan: 45,000 hectares of forests to be planted and a boosted research effort

On the 3rd of September, the French Prime Minister presented the “France Relance” plan, a roadmap for the economic, social and ecological refoundation of the country. 100 billion euros are dedicated to this recovery plan, including 1.2 billion for the “agricultural transition, food and forestry” section. 200 million will be allocated to forests over the […]

Green deal, new forestry strategy: forest plantations at the heart of all European policy topics

The Green Deal is the European legislative basis that commits Europe to carbon neutrality in 2050, a sinequanone condition for limiting climate change to a 2°C increase in temperature. As forests are the main terrestrial ecosystem storing CO2, the European Union is actively working to update its strategy to preserve this type of ecosystem, which […]

¿Cómo podemos acelerar los procesos de mejora de coníferas élite para el sector forestal?

Utilizando la embriogénesis somática para abastecer de forma competitiva de una mezcla de variedades mejor adaptadas a los efectos derivados del cambio climático: el proyecto MULTIFOREVER desarrolla nuevas estrategias.

En el actual contexto de cambio climático y de estreses derivados del mismo, existe una creciente demanda de material forestal élite; El proceso de selección del […]

Mercado de la oleorresina de pino en un contexto de crisis sanitaria

trade data for oleoresin and the primary processing products rosin and
turpentine are not always made transparent by the customs services of the
different countries. Therefore, one of the objectives of the SustForest+
project is to offer a view on the evolution of the international market to
European stakeholders of the pine oleoresin sector.

COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on […]