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Plot & Species Characteristics

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Plot id BOKU-KH-2
Country Austria
Experimental serie Hempel
Experiment id BOKU-KH-E1
Scientific design 3
Altitude 290
Province-Region Vienna
Municipality Vienna
Municipality code 1140
Local name Knoedelhuette
Stand establishment 0000-00-00
Stand removal
Start of monitoring 0000-00-00
End of monitoring
Responsible institution BOKU
Responsible department Institut of silviculture
Responsible name Raphael Klumpp
Responsible phone number 91323
Email Send a message
Comments lack of data 1960-2004
Data owner BOKU
Last update 2016-09-16 17:52:52


Non EU native Latin name Initial tree number Provenance-clone-fam Adaptation to site Explanation EUProvenanceCode Even aged Mixture
Acclimatized Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 400 USA Intermediate Yes No