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IEFC Letters

IEFC Letters

Welcome to a new member, the New Zealand Institute of Forestry

IEFC network welcomes a new associate member, the New Zealand Institute of Forestry (NZIF). Established in 1927, NZIF gathers New Zealand’s professionals who work in all aspects of forestry, including forest management and utilisation, processing, research, education and consulting. NZIF provides a forum to exchange ideas, opinions and information. As sustainable plantation forestry plays an […]

IEFC celebrates its 20 years in Porto

IEFC network celebrates its 20 year existence in 2018. As part of this celebration, you are most welcome in Porto from 26 to 29 June to participate in a joint event organised by EFI for the launching of its new European Facility for Planted Forests. The event includes the 20th annual general assembly of IEFC […]

Season greetings from EFIATLANTIC team

Dear IEFC-EFIATLANTIC newsletter reader, the whole team of the EFIATLANTIC wish you an happy and fruitfull new year. We are still using the IEFC website to disseminate news and announcements, and even if we will maintain all the services provided by this website for long, we hope to be able to send you our next […]

World congress feed backs : funds for forest?

Having the opportunity to attend to The world congress to present the REINFFORCE project and the EFIATLANTIC Regional Office on EFI stand, it was surprising to see how few countries (France, USA, Korea, ..) had stands compared with the amount of NGOs, and international companies or organisations. it was also interesting to see how the […]