7 - 9 September 2000 -Bordeaux, France


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Local organisers

Institut Européen de la Forêt Cultivée
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique

Scientific Committee

M Tome, D Loustau, R Dewar


European Forest Institute (EFI)
IUFRO (Division 4.0)
Commission Européenne
Recite II

Background and aims :

Knowledge of the long-term impacts of environmental changes and silvicultural practices on temperate plantation forests and their sustainability is both crucial and uncertain. At the heart of the scientific problem lies the complex interplay between tree and soil processes. At the same time foresters require practical management tools. Models can play a key role in both areas.

The European Institute for Cultivated Forests (IEFC) and INRA Bordeaux–Aquitaine are organising a scientific workshop to promote exchanges between scientists and foresters on the development and use of models for the sustainable management of temperate plantation forests. This event is a "satellite" activity of the 7th EFI annual conference in Lisbon, 2-4 September 2000.

The objectives of the workshop are:

Sustainability criteria to be addressed include : (1) forest resources and the global carbon cycle, (2) nutrient balance, (3) productive functions of forests, and (4) protective functions of forests.

Models will be reviewed and assessed in terms of their (i) ability to simulate long-term effects of silvicultural regimes and/or climatic change over several plantation cycles (ii) implications for sustainable forest management, and (iii) main limitations and uncertainties. New ideas and approaches are to be encouraged.

The conference will consist of two days of indoor sessions including key-note papers, voluntary papers and poster presentations, and two half-day field trips in the Aquitaine Forest.

Who should attend :

Forest and soil scientists/researchers.

Forest industry representatives.

Representatives of national and international forest organisations.

Development and technology transfer organisations.

Programme :

Thursday 7 September 2000

Friday 8 September 2000

Saturday 9 September 2000

Key-note speakers include :

Maximizing wood yield, carbon storage and efficient use of N.

Plant-soil interactions : key processes for understanding sustainable management.

Workshop synthesis, future prospects.

Call for papers and posters :

All those interested are invited to send a registration and paper/poster abstract within the general objectives and themes of the workshop, by 15th June 2000. Registration information should include first name, last name, address, organisation, e-mail and phone or fax number. Abstracts of less than 200 words should be submitted on a single page containing the authors’ names and titles, addresses and up to six key words. Notification of acceptance accompanied with detailed information will be sent to authors by 30th June 2000. Abstracts of accepted papers and posters will be distributed at the meeting. The conference proceedings will be published by the IEFC under peer review.

Deadlines and fees :

Abstract submission : June 15th 2000 Notification to authors : June 30th 2000 Tentative costs :
250 Euro before July 31st 2000
200 Euro for EFI and IEFC Members
300 Euro late registration.

Please send registration and abstracts to :

Institut Européen de la Forêt Cultivée
Domaine de de l’hermitage, BP 45
Tel : +33 5 57 97 90 61
Fax : +33 5 56 68 02 23
mél: Secretariat

Organisation committee :

Jean-Michel Carnus (INRA France)
Roderick Dewar (INRA France)
Olivier Laroussinie (GIP ECOFOR)
Denis Loustau (INRA France)
Christophe Orazio (IEFC)
Margarida Tome (ISA Portugal)

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INRA Location

INRA Location

Travel information :

The workshop will be held in the Amphitheatre, INRA Centre de Recherches de Bordeaux-Aquitaine.

How to get there :

Take ring road exit 17, direction TALENCE–Thouars. At first roundabout (not shown on map) turn right along rue Pablo Neruda. At next roundabout (also not shown) go straight ahead along ave. Edouard Bourleaux. The INRA entrance gate is a further 100m on the left.

INRA centre : 05 56 84 32 77

Accommodation :

Budget hotels close to INRA :

One Star Tél: (0)5-56-37-90-00 Fax : (0)5-56-04-05-86

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First class Tél: (0)5-56-37-68-44 Fax : (0)5-56-37-68-45

B&B : Tél: (0)5-56-84-21-21 Fax : (0)5-56-84-21-00

2 or 3 stars hotels downtown:

Hôtel Majestic (centre)

2 rue de Condé (Bordeaux)

Tél: (0)5-56-52-60-44

Hôtel Soretel (near the rail station)

60 rue Eugène le Roy (Bordeaux)

Tél: (0)5-56-91-40-40

Further information :

Tourism office : Tél (0)5 56 00 66 00

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