19/03/2018    Christophe Orazio.


Site code AR04

Location Harcourt

Region Haute-Normandie

Country France

Local name Domaine d’Harcourt

Partner IDF-CNPF

Site characteristics

Orientation: FLAT, Slope:2.0°, Soil :LUVISOLS, Bedrock : loess

PH :4.3,4.9



Short History of the site

This arboretum is planted on an old grassland, located on a private property. Localy, we have a structure of the Conseil Générale de l’Eure , le “domaine d’Harcourt” which has with an old and famous arboretum and many infrastructures to organize pedagogic activities around forest. This structure will be in charge of management of the site and also will be able to use it for their pedagogic activities.

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