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Site code AR15

Location Retjons

Region Aquitaine

Country France

Local name Domaine des Agreaux

Partner INRA

Site characteristics

Orientation: FLAT, Slope:0.0°, Soil :PODZOLS, Bedrock : eolian sands

PH :3.7,3.7



Short History of the site

It is an old parcel of maritime pine. When we arrived, the plot had been razed and stumps remained. The arboretum is installed on a type of mesophilic moor since covered with 80% of fern. During the soil samples, we came across a 55 cm alios task. This device is installed in a private owner whose part of the field is the subject of an agreement associating INRA and Bordeaux Sciences Agro, whose purpose is to promote research and teaching actions. . This site has been selected because there is little slope and access is easy. The plot was fenced because of the game.

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