25/03/2018    Christophe Orazio.


Site code AR28

Location Los Altos

Region Castilla y León

Country Spain

Local name Escóbados de Abajo (Burgos)

Partner FGUVA

Site characteristics

Orientation: FLAT, Slope:0.0°, Soil :LEPTOSOLS, Bedrock : limestone

PH :5.6,5.6


there is no permanent watercourse that crosses the plot, although precipitation waters that run through the plot are tributaries of the Ebro Basin, Goose River subbasin

Short History of the site

OWNER: City council of Los Altos POTENTIAL VEGETATION: Series supra-mesomediterranean carpetana western, sanabriense orensano and wet-hiper-wet leonesa siliceous of Quercus pyrenaica (Holco mollis-Querceto pyrenaicae sigmetum) and Series supramediterránea Castilian-Cantabrian and Estellesa-Riojana basophilic of Quercus faginea (Epipactidi helleborines-fagineae Querceto sigmetum), depending of the substrate. (Source: Rivas Martinez, 1987). DESCRIPTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT: The environment of the plot is currently populated by Quercus pyrenaica and dispersed Pinus pinaster plants, Genista hispanica scrub in areas where the limestone substrate replaces the sandstones, and by Quercus faginea. PREVIOUS MANAGEMENT AREA: Previously the area was used as cultivation land. The surroundings were reforested by a mixture of Pinus pinaster and Quercus pyrenaica. CURRENT STATUS OF THE LAND BEFORE PLANTING THE ARBORETUM: The plot was covered by grasslands. Up to 5 or 6 years was cultivated. In August 2003, the area suffered a fire.SUSCEPTIBILITY TO PESTS AND DISEASES: Not detected the existence of particularly virulent pest attacks and other diseases.

copyrigth IEFC network
Generalities of the site
Species on the site N of Prov. Initial tree N
Acer pseudoplatanus 6 72
Calocedrus decurrens 3 36
Castanea sativa 3 36
Cedrus libani subsp. libani 3 36
Cupressus sempervirens 4 48
Eucalyptus globulus 1 12
Eucalyptus gundal 1 12
Eucalyptus nitens 4 48
Fagus sylvatica subsp. orientalis 3 36
Larix decidua 4 48
Liquidambar styraciflua 3 36
Pinus brutia 3 36
Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis 1 12
Pinus elliottii 1 12
Pinus nigra subsp. laricio 3 36
Pinus nigra subsp. salzmannii 3 36
Pinus pinea 4 48
Pinus ponderosa 4 48
Pinus sylvestris 6 72
Pinus taeda 5 60
Pseudotsuga menziesii 9 109
Quercus ilex subsp. rotundifolia 6 72
Quercus petraea subsp. petraea 6 72
Quercus rubra 2 24
Quercus shumardii 1 12
Quercus suber 3 36
Robinia pseudoacacia 6 72
Sequoia sempervirens 3 36
Thuja plicata 2 24