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Site code AR34

Location Sintra

Region Centro

Country Portugal

Local name Sintra

Partner ISA

Site characteristics

Orientation: NW, Slope:19.0°, Soil :LEPTOSOLS, Bedrock : acid to intermediate plutonic rocks

PH :4.3,4.6


Site is situated in the Tagus hydrographic basin. The lower part of site is 5-10 m apart from seasonal water course, which flows along the site margin

Short History of the site

The arboretum site is located in the Sintra – Cascais Natural Park. The terrain is public property, administrated by Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua (PSML). PSML showed great interest when presented with the possibility to install the proposed structure. Collaborating with PSML, which has several ongoing projects in forestry research and environmental education, allows for the structure to be properly maintained, for educational and REINFFORCE research porpuse,. The arboretum is divided in 2 groups of parcels, located inside 2 walled sites : -P1, in Tapada das Roças previously occupied by Acacia sp. and Pitosporum undulatum.; -P2, in Tapada do Mouco, previously occupied by Eucalyptus globulus, Acacia sp. and Pitosporum undulatum. Soil preparation for arboretum installation was initiated in June 2012, consisting mainly in cutting Acacia sp., Pitosporum undulatum, and spontaneous vegetation removal/ control.

Generalities of the site
Species on the site N of Prov. Initial tree N
Acer pseudoplatanus 3 36
Calocedrus decurrens 2 24
Castanea sativa 3 24
Cedrus libani subsp. libani 2 48
Ceratonia siliqua 1 6
Cunninghamia lanceolata 1 6
Cupressus sempervirens 2 24
Eucalyptus globulus 1 12
Eucalyptus gundal 1 12
Eucalyptus nitens 1 12
Fagus sylvatica subsp. orientalis 3 36
Larix decidua 3 36
Liquidambar styraciflua 2 36
Pinus brutia 3 36
Pinus elliottii 2 24
Pinus nigra subsp. laricio 2 24
Pinus nigra subsp. salzmannii 1 12
Pinus ponderosa 2 24
Pinus sylvestris 3 36
Pinus taeda 3 36
Pseudotsuga menziesii 1 12
Quercus ilex subsp. rotundifolia 3 36
Quercus petraea subsp. petraea 3 36
Quercus robur 1 10
Quercus rubra 2 24
Quercus shumardii 1 12
Quercus suber 2 18
Sequoia sempervirens 2 18
Thuja plicata 2 24