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14 Dezembro 2021

Investigação sobre resiliência e bioeconomia do pinheiro bravo: Contribuição do projeto europeu B4EST

O consórcio B4EST está a organizar um simpósio sobre investigação para a resiliência e bioeconomia do pinho marítimo. Registe-se agora!

22 Dezembro 2020

How to accelerate breeding and afforestation efforts with valuable conifers?

Using somatic embryogenesis as a means to supply and mix adapted varieties in an economic way to encounter the climate crisis: the project MULTIFOREVER develops new strategies.

In a context that will require more and more specific plantable material in response to increasing demands, the selection process can be sped up in conifers using multi-varietal plantations. […]

21 Dezembro 2020

Use of genetic forest resources to face climate change

The results of a recently published study by the GenTree project show that, although forest managers support the use of different forest genetic resources, adapting their planting strategies to cope with the risks of climate change remains a challenge. Managing genetic diversity is key to fostering the resilience of forest ecosystems.

A survey was conducted among […]

23 Setembro 2020

Gene expression modification toward climate change adaptation (EPI-CATCH COST Action)

Epigenetics is the science that analyzes the modification of gene expression as a function of the environment. Since trees cannot move, it is obvious that gene response to climate change is a major factor in forest trees. EPI- CATCH COST Action aims to define, develop, generate and share new breaking knowledge and methodology for the […]

10 Abril 2020

Genética para o resgate

Gestão Florestal Sustentável num Mundo em Mudança – Uma Conferência para Concluir a GenTree
Membros do projeto GENTREE em frente à Universidade de Avinhão

O projeto GENTREE de quatro anos teve como objetivo melhorar a gestão dos recursos genéticos, melhorar o conhecimento das diversidades existentes e caracterizar o material genético disponível.
Este trabalho será utilizado para planear a […]