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Pourquoi Bois (2008)

Pourquoi bois (2008)
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Properties, assets, comparison with other materials

Wood is probably the most interesting material in terms of technical potential relatively to its sustainable nature and low ecological print. From tree to any kind of wood product, its various assets should bring it to the first places in the future and open the way to new utilizations.
International organizations and forest scientists support the promotion of this high-potential and sustainable material, and the European Commission contributes to forest research for many years. In 2007-2008 it financed the transnational project DEFOR that aims at supporting the forest wood chains in South West Europe thanks to innovation transfer and tools to help the professionals of the sector with enhancing wood promotion.
Indeed, to have a greater impact, wood promotion has to be well documented thanks to :
- scientific studies of wood properties, ecological impact and resource sustainability, - comparison studies between wood and the various competitive materials when available, - information from impartial and objective sources (public institutions, public research and technical centres). The following database was created by IEFC in the framework of DEFOR. By clicking on the questions below or thanks to keyword requests, you will be provided with bibliographic references with abstracts and links to full texts on the chosen themes, within a pool of 282 documents.
Find the information you need to promote Wood material in this database of scientific references :
Please notice : the links lead to the full texts' internet locations when available (public documents). The consultation of some full papers could depend on your rights of access to publishers' resources.

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