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IMACFORD projet task B1 - Sustainable development of forestry-wood chains in the context of fast-growing European forest.

Final report: October 2003.
Research needs and trends for the sustainable management of cultivated forests.
Project coordinated by:
European Forest Institute (EFI)
Institut Européen de la Forêt Cultivée (IEFC)
Project funded by:
European Commission, projet IMACFORD QLK5-CT-2002-3022
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Plagues and diseases from South European Forests IEFC

Edition 2002 This guide was written by French, Spanish and Portuguese experts groups for South European foresters. It contains removable cards, highly illustrated, about each insect and fungus that attack the main forest species in our areas: pines, chestnuts, eucalyptus and oaks. Each file gives us practical information for identifying the insect or the fungus, to know its damages, to remind its risks and to propose some methods for protection. This guide also includes a list of phyto sanitarian products authorized in forests and, as also, an address list of experts.
EUROSILVASUR Project co-funded by the European Union - Programme RECITE II
Available in French, Spanish and Portuguese.
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Risk Management and Sustainable Forestry

The aims of the Scientific Seminar "Risk Management and Sustainable Forestry" were to provide an extensive overview of various risks associated with forestry; to encourage discussions for defining priorities for future research and collaboration; and to identify implications for practical forest management. These proceedings compile the keynote presentations, working group reports and posters abstracts of the seminar.
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Forest Atlas of the South Atlantic Arc

In this document you will be able to find the necessary bioclimatic and economic references for an accurate interpretation of the forest data, and for each region a list of the main organisms of the forestry sector as well as a short presentation about forest sector activities.
Written in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
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Stratégies de prévention des incendies dans les forêts d'Europe du Sud -

Bordeaux, January 31st to February 2nd 2002.
The first international symposium about fire prevention strategies in South European Forests. About 80 experts participated in Bordeaux from January 31st to February 2nd 2002. Its originality and audacy was to place prevention in the centre of forest fires discussions.
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Models for the Sustainable Management of Temperate Plantation Forests

- 2001
Models are important tools for integrating the kowledge about tree functioning and forests soils. This symposium showed how models can improve the sustainable forest management.
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Tools and methodologies for Fire Danger Mapping

9/14 March 2000
The main objective of the two days workshop "Tools and methodologies for Fire Danger Mapping" was the exchange between institutions of their respective experiences in the field of fire danger mapping. a complex array of physical , environmental , economical, social and political factors is faced by the agencies responsible for planning and implementing strategies to prevent and suppress forest  fires.
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