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INDISFAE project

INDicators for the Forest Sociology in Aquitaine and Euskadi

Report of the works led within the framework of the INDISFAE project

Synthesis of the study led in France

The forest planning: indicator for the changes on forest management practices
The forest planning is a key device in the implementation of the sustainable management , being one of the indicators for the criterion 6 of the P.E.F.C. The objective of this study is to understand the means by which it is possible to develop the practices of making and implementing a Planning project or a Simple plan of management going towards a more participative management. In order to achieve it we have done a survey on 40 people (politicians, professionals, planners, forest owners, forest users) having a link with the development of the forest planning on all forests of Aquitaine, drawing dashboard of the different representations and expectations in what concerns the forest management.
The questions are divided into four major subjects, related to the setting up of the forest planning: the forest perception and its planning, the setting up, the transmission and the control, the application. The results of all interviews were analysed with the help of a software for textual data analysis. It stands out from our study that the forest planning is based between the will to know and the will to act. These wills are only bounded when the public interest is taken into consideration, such as the protection of the resources. That is not the case when the individual interests come first, moreover when the users needs on the forest area are little or baldy expressed.

Synthesis of the study led in the Basque Country

Synthesis of the forest perception of the forest chain in Aquitaine and Euskadi

Communication by Jean-Paul Guyon