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The network for sustainable forest management of forests.

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Long term monitoring trials register

Species name list
Species list reference for long term monitoring trial (with local and obsolete names)
This database includes all forest tree names in Latin. The purpose of this list is to provide an updated nomenclature list, to ensure uniformity in the species names. If you find an error, you can send the proposal of actualised name and scientific references to C. orazio
Inventory of field trials of forest trees (current and completed)
The purpose of this database is to inventory all the species introduced in Europe since the beginning of forestry research. This database will detect the adaptation of different species and provenances to the different pedoclimatic region's contexts, providing planting dates, contacts and useful data such as population mean height. A specific field for the site adaptation and online mapping of the different plots allow an easy navigation among the different identified parcels. Any organization is wellcome to share its scientific data on this site. A mirror version will be available on the EFIATLANTIC website.