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Events organised in the frame of the project

Official launching of the project and of EFIATLANTIC

Launching event "Arboretum & Demonstration Site Catalogue": presentations

You can download the catalogue here: Arboretum & Demonstration Site Catalogue

Overview on the project: aims and challenges - C.Orazio
Presentation of the arboreta common design and distribution -R.Cordero Debets
Demonstration site for tree density control limiting water competition -A.Cantero
Demonstration site on site preparation impact on stability and on edge management -A.Castro
Demonstration sites in the UK: underplanting to combat climate change -V.Stokes
Demonstration site on soil water capacity improvement -N.Gartzia Bengoetxea
Demonstration site on Understorey and tree management & Adaptability -inter-provenance variability of Oaks in Portugal -M.H.Almeida
Demonstration site alternative management with mixture: Installation of Nelder trial plots in Cantabria and Castilla y León -J.Diez Casero
Demonstration site alternative management on architecture parameters for thinning -E.Paillassa

Seminar on stand stability and climate change (May 2009)

Agenda and registration
Modelling wind risk in complex forest structure
Adaptation of trees to wind climate
Understanding of stand stability from 1999 storm in France
Overview of historic damages and modelisation of stability
Wind stability of different silvicultural systems

Seminar on climate change and new threats for Atlantic forests: pest and diseases (September 2009)

Programme and registration (closed)
Response of forest pests and pathogens to climate change : an overview (Hervé Jactel, INRA)
Pitch canker in Spain: distribution, symptoms and legal aspects (Julio diez, University of Valladolid)
A distinct phenological population of the pine processionary moth (Helena Santos, ISA/DEF)
Edmundo Sousa

Seminar on forest, forestry and climate change : post Copenhagen challenges (March 2010)

Programme and registration (closed)
The Copenhagen accord and forestry (Inazio Martinez de Aranio, USSE)
Impacts of climate change, mitigation options and EU policies after Copenhagen (Gert-Jan Nabuurs, EFI)
Carbon sequestration and plantation forestry : The New Zealand emissions trading scheme (Marina Conway, Private Consultant)
Prospects of the forest carbon promotion in Aquitaine (Yves Lesgourgues, CRPF Aquitaine) (in French)
Potential contribution of plantation forestry to the energy challenge (Guillaume Chantre, FCBA)
Actions as regards of wood mobilisation, Navarra region and European Commission point of view (Fermin Olabe, Navarra Government)
Phenological adaptive responses of oak and beech to altitudinal gradients in the Pyrenees (Sylvain Delzon, University Bordeaux I – INRA BIOGECO)
Presse release in march 2010 (in Spanish)

Seminar on climate change challenges in Galicia (June 2010)

Climate change in galicia past and future, Juan José Taboada
Forest breeding in a changing environment
Carbon dioxide capture and storage by forests in Northwest Spain Prof. Dr. Roque Rodríguez Soalleiro
Silviculture of oakwoods and birchwoods in Northwest Spain: Response to thinning treatments
Forests fires and climate change: Present and future evolution Prof. Dr. José Antonio Vega Hidalgo

Presentations of REINFFORCE project

The NOLTFOX network and experts meeting (September 2010)
Summer School : adaptation to climate change in forest management, Vienna (September 2011)
Tackling climate change: the contribution of forest scientific knowledge
REINFFORCE Catalogue Launching - november 2013
HAZI and NEIKER final results - REINFFORCE project - november 2013