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Mixed Forests at the European Night of Researchers

Credits: Andres Bravo (MNCN-CSIC)

Imagine in just one night you can discover the problems amphibians face around the world; discover what DNA is; how our bone structure has evolved; or how invasive species threaten ecosystems. Imagine a night when you will share a room with an African elephant, a family of wolves or bustards among many […]

What are novel decision approaches to deal with multiple risks and uncertainties in forest resource management?

Optimizing forest allocation asks not only for integration of multiple services but also taking into account multiple risks affecting forest processes and functions (Yousefpour et al. 2017). Moreover, climate change is challenging forest resilience and expected to change the severity and frequency of biotic and abiotic disturbances.

Tools to “hedge your bets” against emerging pest and pathogen attacks on forests

The risk of introducing non-native Pests and Pathogens (PnPs) into Europe has increased exponentially since the 1800s1 . The main reasons are, on the one hand the rise in trade transporting plant material or wood products, and on the other hand the effect of the weakening of ecosystems and favourable conditions for pest and pathogens […]

2022 Summer Fires in the Living Lab In Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The FIRE-RES project aims to provide the EU with the capacity to manage the projected increase in forest fires under a harsher climate. It will deploy a series of innovation actions across eleven living labs located in Europe and Chile, during the period 2021-2025.

One of these Living Labs is “Landes de Gascogne” in Nouvelle-Aquitaine a […]

WFW Special Event

Planting forests for carbon-neutral economies, sustainable landscapes and livelihoods

By 2050 the overall consumption of industrial round wood is expected to increase by 37%1, requiring us to understand and scale up nature-based solutions to address growing global needs in forests products and services. For this reason, the World Forestry Week Side Event, “Planting Forests for Carbon-Neutral […]

Webinars Replays – Let’s Talk About Planted Forests

[16.09.2022] – Let’s Talk About Planted Forests – Clonal Forestry

How to manage the risks? What are the challenges? New trends and practices? During this webinar, you will have the opportunity to, hear experts share their views, discover trends and new practices, the different clonal species (pine, poplar, eucalyptus…) and regions where these are being planted.

Replay […]

Webinar – Let’s Talk About Planted Forests – Clearcutting – Registration

Registrations are now closed

The Let’s talk about Planted Forests webinar will take place on 25 November 2022 at 2pm CET.

Join us online to discuss on our next theme: clearcutting

This month, Let’s Talk About Planted Forests will address the subject of clearcutting and the impact on plantations, following the collective “CREFF Expertise” led by the GIP […]

Giuseppe Nervo – Sustainable clonal forestation for the production of quality poplar wood in the Po valley


Paco Lario – & Beatriz Cuenca – Clonal propagation of disease tolerant genotypes of highly relevant forest species in Spain


Nuno Borralho – Eucalyptus clonal forestry in Portugal

Nuno-Borralho – Eucalyptus clonal forestry in PortugalTélécharger