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Webinar – Let’s Talk About Planted Forests – Clonal Forestry – Our speakers

This month, Let’s Talk About Planted Forests will address the subject of clonal forestry.

To discuss this subject, the IEFC invited 3 experts. Here’s a quick overview of our speakers and topics:

Giuseppe Nervo – Director at CREA (Council for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economy Analysis)

“Sustainable clonal forestation for the production of quality poplar wood in […]

How to select species in forest plantation to cope with future Climate Proofing?

Most of the foresters are now convinced that climate is changing and has an impact on the growth and survival of his future forest. In this context, species choice is a crucial decision, and the understanding of futures climate/soil interaction impact on a given species is extremely complex. So many tools and projects are under […]

IEFC Network fund 2022
Facilitate cooperation on Planted Forest

The future management of planted forests has to meet a number of challenges. The first challenge is certainly the need to adapt the design and management of planted forests to current climate changes, taking into account the continuous increase of abiotic risks (droughts, heat waves, forest fires, storms) and biotic risks (insect outbreaks, emerging diseases, […]

IEFC General Assembly – 23 June 2022

This year’s IEFC annual meeting adopted a hybrid format (distance and face-to-face) and was held on 23 June 2022, at the Higher Institute of Agronomy, Lisbon under the chairmanship of Mr Nick McCarthy.

This meeting was the first time in two years that all IEFC members were physically together, which allowed them to visit the premises […]

IPCC Report on Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently published a report on the impacts, adaptation and vulnerability of society and ecosystems to the changing climate. It represents the contribution of Working Group II to the Sixth Assessment Report. The full report, the “Summary for Policymakers” and the “Technical Report” can be found at and […]

We present our new visual identity!

As our first logo was created in 2005, we are proud to announce the launch of our new logo and graphic charter in agreement with our constant evolution. The logo has been modernised and simplified giving a recognisable and consistent image to IEFC. This new design combines newness, simplicity and modernity, in accordance with our […]

XV World Forestry Congress

In the first week of May, the Republic of Korea hosted the XV World Forestry Congress,  the most influential conference in forestry, serving as the global platform for members of the international community to come together and issue recommendations and declarations on major forest issues.

The theme of the XV World Forestry Congress was “Building a […]

Demonstration workshop: new tools for the prevention and detection of tree pathogens in nurseries

On the 28th of April 2022, a dozen participants from all over Europe gathered in Pistoia, Italy – one of the most important areas for nursery plant production – to discuss the HOMED-developed tools for the prevention and detection of tree pathogens. The event, organized by IEFC, was led by researchers from the Italian National […]

Sven Mutke (CSIC) – The role of planted forests in resilient landscapes and forest-based bioeconomy


Armand Clopeau (FCBA) – Resin harvesting, a new market for plantation forests in Europe