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14 March 2022

KEBBE: collaborative resources to better understand the forest and its bioeconomy

KEBBE is a cross-border educational project financed by the Euroregion and carried out in collaboration with partners from the Basque Country (Arabako,  Bizkaiko eta Gipuzkoako Baso Elkarteak), Spain (Foresna), and France (IEFC). The objective of this project is to create educational content for primary and secondary school teachers to use as a knowledge base on […]

23 September 2020

Gemm_Est project: rebirth of interest fin resin from plantation forests

Credit photo INRAe
Since 2010, there has been a resurgence of softwood tapping in Spain, Portugal and southwestern France. Through this operation, oleoresin rich in molecules of the terpene and polyphenolic families as well as resin acid is secreted to heal the scar. It contains in particular turpentine, alpha and beta-pinenes and rosin. These compounds are […]

14 April 2020

Harvesting planted forests

Innovation in tree to tree technology
Watch a logging animation from Scion (New Zealand) of how a robot can swing from tree to tree and might carry out forestry tasks in the future without damaging soils.

Author: Jean-Michel Carnus (New-Zealand Institute of Forestry)

20 January 2008

Devenir actionnaire d’une plantation de feuillus précieux : une alternative écologique durable?

A l’heure du réchauffement climatique et du marché du carbone, les entreprises cherchent à intégrer de plus en plus, dans leur activité, des notions de développement durable et de protection de l’environnement. Le concept d’entreprise écologiste franchit une étape avec l’apparition de sociétés forestières proposant des investissements dits écologiques, suivant la logique de l’écoinversion : […]