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IEFC Newsletter 2023 January
30 January 2023

Editorial 2023

Wood has been vital to humans for ages, but as the pressure for wood increased, the solution was to farm trees in plantations to supply wood and reduce the harvest pressure on wild forests. Large areas of land were then planted with single species of trees of the same age, producing value once every few […]

10 January 2023


Credit: Yoann Portejoie

In a French landscape famous for its agriculture and Limousin beef cattle, how can we best integrate forestry plantations to benefit local communities, support biodiversity and achieve climate resilience, and supply timber to decarbonize the construction industry?

In September 2022, the New Generation Plantations (NGP) platform and the IUFRO Task Force on planted forests […]

4 January 2023

Review of pinewood nematode research at the IUFRO Division 7 meeting in September 2022

Photo credits: K. Nakamura-Matori

The IUFRO Division 7 (Forest Health. Pathology and Entomology) Conference took place in Lisbon from the 6th to 9th September 2022, with 350 participants present (and 60 remote participants) from 41 countries.

The session on Pine Wilt Disease (PWD,) organized within this meeting, had a massive participation in 3 sub-sessions involving 14 oral […]

20 December 2022

An evening of exchanges on participatory science tools for forests

On Wednesday, December 7, 2022, IEFC in collaboration with AgroParisTech Nancy and the IFSA FRANCE Association, organised an evening of discussion on participatory science tools for forests (Assessment, Issues & Challenges for the Future), as part of the Virtual Forests project.

How we define participatory sciences: Participatory sciences (sometimes called “citizen sciences” or “collaborative sciences”) are […]