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18 July 2022

IEFC Network fund 2022
Facilitate cooperation on Planted Forest

The future management of planted forests has to meet a number of challenges. The first challenge is certainly the need to adapt the design and management of planted forests to current climate changes, taking into account the continuous increase of abiotic risks (droughts, heat waves, forest fires, storms) and biotic risks (insect outbreaks, emerging diseases, […]

IEFC General Assembly – 23 June 2022

This year’s IEFC annual meeting adopted a hybrid format (distance and face-to-face) and was held on 23 June 2022, at the Higher Institute of Agronomy, Lisbon under the chairmanship of Mr Nick McCarthy.

This meeting was the first time in two years that all IEFC members were physically together, which allowed them to visit the premises […]

6 July 2022

XV World Forestry Congress

In the first week of May, the Republic of Korea hosted the XV World Forestry Congress,  the most influential conference in forestry, serving as the global platform for members of the international community to come together and issue recommendations and declarations on major forest issues.

The theme of the XV World Forestry Congress was “Building a […]

2 March 2022

Let’s Talk About Planted Forests


IEFC first webinar will take place on the18th of March 2022 at 2pm CET


This month, Let’s Talk About Planted Forests will address the subject of seed availability and the impact on plantation. To discuss this subject, the IEFC invited 3 experts:

Matt Parratt – Forest Research

Matt Parratt joined Forest Research […]

25 February 2022

INTERNSHIP : Forest stakeholders’ perception analyses towards mixed plantations

3-month internship offer starting in June 2022


Mixed forest plantations (i.e., plantations where several tree species are mixed) can be a scalable and economically accessible strategy to reconcile economic and environmental benefits, and to reduce the vulnerability of plantations to climate change (CC). However, in spite of the scientific evidence on the potential advantages of mixed […]

14 December 2021

Research on maritime pine resilience and bioeconomy: Contribution of the European project B4EST

The B4EST consortium, in collaboration is organizing a symposium on latest studies on maritime pine resilience and bioeconomy. Register now !

IEFC commentary on the EU Councils conclusions on the new EU Forest Strategy to 2030.

The Institut Europeen de la Foret Cultivee (IEFC) a while regretting that the new EU Forest Strategy was not developed in conjunction with the Member States and stakeholders (also remarked upon in the EU Council conclusions), nevertheless, welcomes some of these EU Council conclusions on the new EU Forest Strategy for 2030, a selection of […]

13 December 2021

Dr. Nick Mc Carthy, President IEFC presented their new Strategic Plan and new tools to foster networking at the IEFC General Assembly in Cestas, France.

The General Assembly of the Institut Europeen de la Foret Cultivee (IEFC) was held recently in Cestas Bordeaux, France. The current President of the IEFC Dr. Nick Mc Carthy WIT gave the ‘Rapport Moral’ to the assembled members both present and online via Zoom.

6 October 2021

3 events organised by IEFC in November – register now!

The IEFC General Assembly will be held in Bordeaux on the afternoon of 10 November. We expect to have enough participants to set up simultaneous translation. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discuss the activities of the IEFC, its new strategy, emerging topics around plantations, your expectations, the organisation of the monthly planted forests meeting […]

23 September 2020

Gene expression modification toward climate change adaptation (EPI-CATCH COST Action)

Epigenetics is the science that analyzes the modification of gene expression as a function of the environment. Since trees cannot move, it is obvious that gene response to climate change is a major factor in forest trees. EPI- CATCH COST Action aims to define, develop, generate and share new breaking knowledge and methodology for the […]