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16 March 2022

Storms and Forest Storm Damage in Winter 2021-2022

After a period of relative quiet over the last couple of decades strong damaging winds returned to northern and north-western parts of Europe. A series of strong and even severe storms have caused a very large amount of damage across Ireland, UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland and Norway.

Storm Arwen from […]

15 March 2022

An integrated approach to extreme wildfires in Europe

Experts from all over Europe join forces to build a more fire-resilient EU

The website of the Horizon2020 project FIRE-RES goes online today

Extreme Wildfire Events a major threat for the whole Europe, mainly due to the consequences of climate change. The areas affected by the phenomenon are experiencing fires that break records in terms of burnt […]

11 March 2022

Tree Failure During Strong Winds Measured for the First Time

Figure 1: Tropical cyclone activity in 2018 showing increase activity in the North Atlantic. From (Blunden and Arndt, 2019)

Wind damage to forests is a large and increasing threat in many parts of the world. In particular with the changing climate there is predicted to be an intensification of tropical cyclones with a northward migration to […]

23 September 2020

Assessing tree stability in spruce plantations (the MARCSMAN project)

Under the scope of the MARCSMAN project, a PhD study focusing on snow and wind damage in actively managed Norway spruce forests in Norway has been started by Peter Zubkoc in NIBIO. The student will be working with Barry Gardiner, the risk work package leader, at IEFC in order to familiarize himself with the ForestGales […]