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30 enero 2008

Policy framework for halting biodiversity loss largely in place – European forests in the midst of struggle

Despite political commitment, Europe is struggling to halt the loss of biodiversity by 2010. Forests cover roughly a third of the European land area and they are a vital host to much of the biological diversity in Europe. Any initiative designed to halt the biodiversity loss in Europe must consequently take forests into account.
Demands on […]

Innovation in European forest-based sector plays crucial role in meeting global challenges, says European Commissioner Janez Potocnik

European Commissioner for Science and Research Janez Potocnik had a powerful message for the audience at the 5th Conference of the Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform, recently held in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. Potocnik characterised the 21st century as an ‘era of fragility’, where Europe and the rest of the world are facing major challenges related to […]

22 enero 2008

Nueva recomendación de la Comisión para ayudar a aprovechar el conocimiento para Europa

La Comisión Europea ha adoptado una recomendación para la gestión de la propiedad intelectual (PI) en las actividades de transferencia de conocimientos de universidades y otras organizaciones de investigación públicas. De esta forma, la Comisión reafirma su compromiso con la estrategia de Lisboa: transformar a la UE en la economía basada en el conocimiento más […]

20 enero 2008

Last demonstrations of DEFOR project

The European project Interreg Sudoe DEFOR (DEvelopment of FORest) focuses on the transfer of innovative technologies to small and medium forest enterprises. It started in January 2007 and will be completed in June 2008. This project concerns the entire forest wood chain, from plant production to logistics operation, and leans on specific issues faced in […]

Devenir actionnaire d’une plantation de feuillus précieux : une alternative écologique durable?

A l’heure du réchauffement climatique et du marché du carbone, les entreprises cherchent à intégrer de plus en plus, dans leur activité, des notions de développement durable et de protection de l’environnement. Le concept d’entreprise écologiste franchit une étape avec l’apparition de sociétés forestières proposant des investissements dits écologiques, suivant la logique de l’écoinversion : […]

19 enero 2008

Le paquet climat oublie nos forêts

L’arbre qui tombe fait plus de bruit que la forêt qui pousse. » Ce proverbe résume assez bien le faible intérêt politique porté aux questions forestières par l’Union européenne ou l’ONU, encore récemment à Poznan et à Bruxelles ces derniers jours.
Soulignant le rôle vital des forêts qui stockent le CO2 dans la limitation du changement […]

QUESTIONNAIRE to collect information from EU Member States to promote adaptation to climate change in forestry

The aim of this questionnaire is to survey existing and planned adaptation strategies to cope with climate change impacts on forest and forestry in EU 27 Member States.
This questionnaire was designed by European Forest Institute (EFI) and is part of the “Study on impacts of climate change on European forests and options for adaptation” that […]

Forests, their Products and Services (FPS)” Bordeaux 10, 11 and 12 March 2008 – Annual COST domain meeting

The Forest-based domain FPS of COST (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research) is one of the most active of 9 scientific domains, with more than 30 on-going actions. The FPS domain committee members, the coordinators of current actions, representatives from the scientific community and invited speakers will gather in Bordeaux from […]

18 enero 2008

Energy policy- Ireland still dependends on imported energy

Source : http://www.bulletins-electroniques.com/ti/143_06.htm
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Considering the current world situation regarding climate changes and the announced fossil fuel crises, Ireland has established a new strategy for its future energy. This country strongly depends on importation to answer its growing energy needs. The production of renewable energy is still not important enough. Researchers are starting to develop […]

15 enero 2008

“Gune”: Excellence research made in Bask Country

Source : http://www.bulletins-electroniques.com/actualites/54641.htm
After a successful conversion of its hard industry, thanks to the development of influential technological centres, the Bask country is developing an ambitious programme in basic research.
It is interesting to note that the Ministry of the Bask Industry, which leads the programme, considers money spent with research as an investment rather than […]