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14 diciembre 2021

Investigación sobre la resiliencia del pino marítimo y la bioeconomía: Contribución del proyecto europeo B4EST

El consorcio B4EST organiza un simposio sobre la investigación para la resiliencia y la bioeconomía del pino marítimo. ¡Regístrese ahora!

IEFC commentary on the EU Councils conclusions on the new EU Forest Strategy to 2030.

The Institut Europeen de la Foret Cultivee (IEFC) a while regretting that the new EU Forest Strategy was not developed in conjunction with the Member States and stakeholders (also remarked upon in the EU Council conclusions), nevertheless, welcomes some of these EU Council conclusions on the new EU Forest Strategy for 2030, a selection of […]

13 diciembre 2021

Dr. Nick Mc Carthy, President IEFC presented their new Strategic Plan and new tools to foster networking at the IEFC General Assembly in Cestas, France.

The General Assembly of the Institut Europeen de la Foret Cultivee (IEFC) was held recently in Cestas Bordeaux, France. The current President of the IEFC Dr. Nick Mc Carthy WIT gave the ‘Rapport Moral’ to the assembled members both present and online via Zoom.

Towards intelligent information management of complex forests in South West Europe

The social and economic value of mixed plantations and irregular forests in SUDOE is little known and not taken into account in policy decisions and territorial development. Limited information sharing systems and structures prevent the SUDOE region from undertaking a concerted and coordinated approach to sustainable forest management and creating a favourable bioeconomy.

10 diciembre 2021

A new version of the Silvalert application developed for the reporting of hylobius abietis in the Hylobe meta-project

The weevil (Hylobius abietis, L.) is the main pest of young softwood plantations in Europe and also in France. This insect wreaks havoc in pine, spruce, Douglas fir or larch plantations after clear-cutting. The most severe attacks in France are not surprisingly found in regions where planted coniferous woodlands predominate, especially along the Bordeaux-Metz diagonal. […]

6 diciembre 2021

From the birds’ eye perspective to actions on the ground: SUPERB to promote forest restoration and adaptation across Europe

Imagine you were a bird flying over
Europe. You would see cities and villages, rivers, agricultural landscape, and forests
covering almost one-third of Europe. You will distinguish many different types of
trees: dark green or more reddish, straight and tall, wide and crooked or small
and slender, with many different shapes of leaves or needles. While flying over
Europe, you […]

3 diciembre 2021

Conferencia final de SustForest+: la resina tiene futuro

La extracción de resina está en auge y el proyecto SustForest+ le ha dado un impulso. La reunión de clausura de este proyecto europeo Interreg-Sudoe fue organizada por el Instituto Europeo del Bosque Cultivado y el Centro Regional de la Propiedad Forestal de Nueva Aquitania.Conférence finale SustForest+ en novembre 2021

Tuvo lugar los días 9 y […]