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Base de données des programmes d´amélioration et des dispositifs de la zone IEFC
Si vous êtes reponsables de travaux de recherche en génétique, nous vous invitons à télécharger l´enquète permettant d´élaborer l´inventaire des travaux et des dispositifs d´étude en place dans le sud de l´europe [en cliquant sur la pomme de pin]. Un formulaire en ligne sera bientôt disponible.

february 2001 – First Meeting – Vitoria

enquery about breeding programmes and labs in south west europe

february 2002 – Second meeting


8:30 – Meeting of the foreign participants at Hotel da Torre and transport to ISA (DEF).
9:00 – Welcome address by the head of the Forestry Department (DEF – ISA) João Santos Pereira.
9:15 – Brief discussion of the database of task 1.2.
Excellence Network, a tool for the implementation of the European Community 6th Framework Programme
Presentation of Pinus Pinaster Consortium Agreement
10:00 – 10:20 – Coffee break
10:20 – 12:30 Introductory communications and reflections on the state-of-the-knowledge:
Dynamics of genetic diversity in managed forests
(Dr. Antoine Kremer)
Impact of environmental stress on forest genetic resources: physiological techniques and application cases (Prof Pardos)
What do we need to know in order to increase forest value? (Drª Cristina Marques)
12:30 – Lunch
14:00 – A Plenary discussion: identification of the research subjects, to be used in application of the network of excellence to 6th Framework Program, depending on the social demand and the scientific interest.
15:45 – Coffee break
16:00 – First approach on the identification the research teams to work together in the network of excellence.
17:00 – Close the session

Introduction of the database made by Claudia neves for genetica’s group

Download the database
Community 6th Framework programm and Excellence networks by C. Orazio
Dynamics of the genetic diversity in the managed forests by Dr. Antoine Kremer (7231 Ko)
Light version of the document (605 Ko)
Impact of environmental stress on forest genetic ressources : physiological techniques and application cases by Prof. Pardos
What do we need to now in order to increase forest value? Dr. Cristina Marques
Synthesis of the debate

Consortium agreement on Microsatellites of Maritime pine

Pinus Pinaster SSR Web page
The general goals of the consortium are: