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Posts How to select species in forest plantation to cope with future Climate Proofing?

How to select species in forest plantation to cope with future Climate Proofing?

How to select species in forest plantation to cope with future Climate Proofing?

Most of the foresters are now convinced that climate is changing and has an impact on the growth and survival of his future forest. In this context, species choice is a crucial decision, and the understanding of futures climate/soil interaction impact on a given species is extremely complex. So many tools and projects are under development to support this decision making  at EU or national level we are listing bellow few very recent approaches based on species lists and distribution maps.

2022 EU-Trees4F: a dataset to predict the future distribution of European tree species

A new dataset of predicted European tree distributions under two climate change scenarios display uncertainness with color ranges based on the diversity of models used has been relesed. The EU-Trees4F initiative, coordinated by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission and co-funded by FORGENIUS, offers the most detailed model to date of how the ranges of 67 target tree species will change between now and 2095.

2021 The CLIMESSENCE website provide not only distribution maps but climate matching tool and species description sheet for stakeholders

The climessence website mainly available in french compiles results from many national projects, so far provides very similar maps as the climate matching tool fro B4EST and as the EU-TREES4F tools, but with IKS map for 59 species, In addition to it, it provide descriptive sheet for 146 species that allow filtering an ranking on characteristics such as drought tolerance. This system of marks is an unique feature not provided in the environment file in Belgium or in tree species database in UK.

This work funded by french ministries and coordinated by AFORCE network is benefiting  of the support of all AFORCE members and is constantly evolving with new species descriptions sheets and new  map added regularly.

2021 Forest research tools include climate matching tools

Forest Research with B4Est members could make the most of accurate modeling tools existing to set up an interactive climate matching tools that allows you where you can find climatic conditions similar to the  one you have in a close future according to climate scenarios. It is the user who set the ranges and no assumption on the species and distribution is done.

2021 The tree planter guide set up by SKORGFORSK focus more on genetic resources in seed orchards

The Swedish institute re-explored  all results from genetic trials in relation with existing seed orchards, and they developed a tree planter guide online, where just by giving a site location, recommended provenances are listed for scot pine. Thanks to B4EST a version for Norway spruce working for all Scandinavia is in preparation.

This list is not exhaustive an it demonstrate that in the context of uncertainty faced by forester, there is a lot of initiatives to address the species distribution and selection under climate change. They are quite similar but different enough to illustrate the diversity of the approaches, with more tailor made tools at the national level. Do not hesitate to share with us similar initiatives in your countries.

Christophe Orazio (IEFC)